To meet you the heart is keen but...

assalamualaikum wbt
norhayaton hazai hj warman

.............not meet you would be better for my deen.

As a good friend tells me like all other womenfolk, even hijabis have feelings. The real difference between anyone. As Allah reiterates multiple times in the Quran lies in one ability to done the hijab of taqwa ^_^..

to my sister and brother out there, holding steadfast in the ‘niat’ to not go on dates, be strong and have faith in Allah insyaAllah, All the times you spend alone because your friends are out with their partners, all the moments you stop yourself from agreeing to meet someone you have feelings for, all the night spent wondering when your turn will come, insyaAllah..

Allah will see your every struggle and know that you are doing it for HIM. And insyaAllah when the right person comes, who comes, who loves for Allah’s sake, he/she will understand and support you in your decision to not date, and thus build a home with you with nothing but Allah’s blessings. Real love means helping each other attain Jannah not holding each other’s hands walking towards Hellfire..=)

nota kecil: ya Allah jika aku bukan pemilik tulang rusuknya..atau sekalipun aku adalah pemiliknya..jangan biarkan aku merindui kehadirannya..jgn biarkan aku melabuhkan hatiku di hatinya..kikislah pesonanya dari kelopak mata..jauhkan lah dia dari relung hatiku..sementra kami masih belum halal bersama..tetapkan lah hati ku hanya untukMu....Please make doa for me and my weak…weakkk iman….MySpace



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